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Welcome to the Media portion of the website.
Here you will find all things video and audio related to Sandra jo Troupe and Darrell R. Troupe. Sr. MD as well as
videos and audio pretaining to the "How Nicholas Became Santa Clause" series

Check out this video and Sandra and her Co-Author/husband Darrell Troupe Sr. MD.

How Nicholas Became Santa Clause is to be featured on Author Talk hosted by Steve Jorgenson of Toginet Internet Radio

Sandra and Darrell Troupe's interview runs 14:25 mins.

Please listen and enjoy!

Darrell R. Troupe, Sr. , Jonathan Mark Bruce, Dr. Beth Golden
AuthorTalk 2

Darrell and Sandra talked about their experiences at "Pitchfest 2012" in Hollywood, California. There, they spoke to 14 movie studios, two of which requested the book.